Xtend.AI’s mission is to use AI to extend human lifespan and improve the quality of our lives by early detection of diseases. We want to focus on those diseases where early detection can save the most lives and have the greatest impact.   One such disease is breast cancer – which  accounts for the  highest rate of new cancer cases and is the second most fatal type of cancer for women worldwide.

According to the CDC. the key to improving survival rates for breast cancer is is  to catch it early enough when it is easier to treat, via regular screenings.  The American Cancer Society recommends annual annual mammograms for all women after the age of 45 and biannual screenings after the age of 55.

Studies have shown that AI/ML can assist radiologists in breast cancer screenings in various ways, including identifying higher risk cases, highlighting areas on the mammograms for close review, and as a first level of screening to bridge shortage of trained experts.

An AI algorithm from Google was shown be just as or more accurate than doctors in identifying breast cancer from mammograms. It was also able to reduce the number of false positives and false negatives in breast cancer detection.

Several companies have applied for and received FDA approval for using AI for breast cancer diagnosis and detection.

At Xtend.AI we are currently working on developing and training AI models for breast cancer detection and are hoping to do a trial of our solution with clinics in the UK in the first quarter of 2022.