The  AI and Global Health meeting was organized by Wilton Park, a not-for-profit executive agency of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, U.K, from June 27 – 29, 2018.

This Wilton Park meeting provided the opportunity for an exploration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in health in low and middle income (LMICs). It brought together experts and disrupters in healthcare, IT developers and entrepreneurs, and donors and philanthropists, from LMICs and developed countries. The purpose of the meeting was two-fold: (1) to examine how new AI technologies might be transformative to improve global health and make progress towards health SDGs and UHC, and (2) to examine the intersection between AI and health care provision in LMICs and the opportunities and
implications for health providers, ministries of health, donors and others who are seeking to improve health provision in LMICs.

Arun Shroff, Xtend.AI’s Founder & CEO was an invited expert at the meeting and contributed to the dialogue and discussions, sharing insights and their experience on the practical and ethical aspects of implementing AI solutions for health.