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Arun Shroff is the founder/CEO of Xtend.AI –  where he leads a team in developing AI/ML  solutions in various domains including Health, Marketing,  Analytics, and Recruitment.   One of the solutions in health is for the early detection of diabetic retinopathy  from fundus images using AI.  The solution has been successfully piloted in Senegal in partnership with ITU/WHO and the Ministry of Health.  They have also developed various health tools and calculators for risk prediction as well as a multilingual chatbot to answer health related questions. 

Arun is also a topic driver at the Focus Group on AI for Health a joint initiative of ITU and WHO.  He is the lead author and editor for the topic group document  “Standardized benchmarking of AI for Ophthalmology (Retinal Imaging Diagnostics).  Arun has been an invited speaker and expert on AI and technology at conferences worldwide and contributed to publications including:

Arun is also Director of Technology at, a leading health website that is visited by over 30 million people a year from over 200 countries.  Medindia provides a suite of health applications including a personalized health portal for consumers, a virtual clinic for doctors, and an employee wellness portal for companies. 

Arun has as a B.Tech from IIT Madras, an MBA (PGDM) from IIM, Ahmedabad, and M.S. in Computer Science from Penn State University and certifications in Machine and Deep Learning from Stanford University and