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Early Detection of Diabetic Retinopathy with AI-Driven Telemedicine in Senegal with ITU/WHO


The challenge faced in Senegal was ensuring timely and accurate screening for Diabetic Retinopathy (DR) among the diabetic population due to limited ophthalmologists and healthcare resources. This posed a significant barrier to preventive care, leading to potential vision loss and complications.


To address the challenge, Xtend.AI collaborated with ITU, WHO, the Ministry of Health in Senegal, and Sanofi to implement an innovative AI-driven telemedicine system for DR detection. The goal was to enable remote screening, improve accessibility, and enhance patient outcomes.


Xtend.AI meticulously designed an end-to-end AI solution that integrated with clien'ts telemedicine system. The platform incorporated AI algorithms, specifically fine-tuned for DR detection, and seamlessly integrated with a portable fundus camera to capture retinal images for remote diagnosis. The solution's multi-lingual support ensured inclusivity and accessibility for patients across diverse regions.

Features and Capabilities:

Remote Diagnosis: The AI-powered system facilitated remote diagnosis, enabling ophthalmologists to assess patients' retinal images from a distance, removing geographical constraints.
AI Algorithms: Advanced AI algorithms provided automatic detection and classification of DR, augmenting ophthalmologists' expertise and speeding up the screening process.
Scalability: The system's scalable design enabled its deployment in various clinics, expanding its impact on DR screening beyond the pilot phase.


The pilot project yielded remarkable results, underscoring the potential of AI-driven telemedicine for DR screening in Senegal.
Key achievements:
Early Detection: The AI-powered system detected early signs of DR, enabling timely interventions to prevent vision loss in diabetic patients.
Enhanced Accessibility: The remote screening capabilities improved accessibility to DR screening, benefiting patients in both urban and rural areas. Efficiency and Accuracy: AI algorithms significantly reduced the time required for screening while ensuring accurate diagnosis.
Conclusion: By leveraging AI expertise and telemedicine capabilities, Xtend.AI, in collaboration with ITU, WHO, the Ministry of Health, Senegal, and Sanofi, successfully implemented an AI-driven telemedicine system for DR screening. The project showcased the potential of AI technology in advancing healthcare accessibility, preventive care, and early disease detection. This groundbreaking initiative exemplifies the power of collaboration between AI experts, healthcare organizations, and government agencies in driving positive social impact.
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